What was the original font used?

Started by thofsaw, January 09, 2017, 12:57:49 AM

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I'm taking over maintenance of an app that uses the 3D UI library and don't have the luxury of talking to the former developer.
When I built and ran the app initially, all the buttons had no text on them.  When I went in and edited each button in turn (very tedious!) the text magically appeared again.

Only just recently did it occur to me that the reason for this may have been that the font that was set initially is not installed on my windows box. 

This would be an easy thing to solve if I could determine the font it requires - but from my observations the properties editor appears to select a valid default font from the list of available fonts when opened - overwriting the old one once saved.  Thus there appears to be no way of finding what the original one was called. 

I've tried text searches in the app source tree, but not been successful.  It would appear that the font information is perhaps stored in a binary format?

Any help on this greatly appreciated!




yes, settings of the component are stored in binary form inside the exe file but you could know the exact font in use by creating a 3D button template file: this kind of file is also in binary but, looking at the binary code, it's quite easy to find the Unicode string containing the font name.
It's quite likely that you should have the documentation of our component installed on your machine: the "How to manage button templates" tutorial shows how to save settings of each button into a template file: it's recommended doing this at design-time using a button which doesn't display the caption text and, if you should have problems in reading the resulting binary template, please, attach it to your next post so I could give it a closer look for you.

Kind Regards

Severino Delaurenti
MultiMedia Soft