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Here's what our Customers and Users said about us and our products:

I am not sure if I have told you and your company this before, but it is worth mentioning again. I want to thank everyone for being so kind and helpful, and most of all for always being on it. It's my pleasure to work with such a fine company...
Once again tell everyone I said THANK YOU.

Marilynn Kadric
Memories On DVD, Inc. -

I've used your 3D Button Visual Editor for years now, and LOVE it\'s ease of use and flexibility. I also greatly appreciate how whenever I reformat my system and have to reinstall the software, I can always get a quick re-registration code.

Sam Rayfield
WebDesigns by AncientTiger -

I've gotta say, you are the best company I have ever dealt with for software and software support.

Peter Spragg
United Kingdom

Thank you so much for all your help. I can not tell how pleased I am with your prompt and insightful support. You are great!
I will highly recommend your products and your support services to all my colleagues. You are doing a great job.

Val Nenov
VAL9000 -

As someone that has been developing and offering software, to the pubic, for over 14 years I know, from personal experiance, that positive comments from users are few and far between. You only hear from folks when they want something or have a gripe of some kind.

This brings me to the point:

First of all - I want to express my view that your products are excellent and offer features that I have found no where else. It eases the development time to create good audio software apps.

But what puts you folks "over the top" is your EXCELLENT support and speedy replies to questions. This factor has saved me probably at least a 100 hours of just "hacking" code to find a solution.

So that being said - the only purpose of this message is to give you a "BIG THANKS" and a virtual "pat on the back".

Michael Baker
Code-it Software -

As always thanks for your rapid response; I made sure to let my supervisor know that you guys have the very best support I have ever experienced in this context. You are just fantastic to work with as you always get back to me quickly and we are able to have several rounds of communication in a day so I do not get held up. Very nice indeed!.

Jim Gutterman
Alto Aviation -

The use of "Active Sound Recorder" on my audio applications in medical solutions was a success, congratulations on the excellent work .

André Scafura Lamonte
ASL Serviços de Informática Ltda. -

Your product (Active Sound Suite) is the best in the market and your wonderful service and support makes it a huge step above the others.

Sean Shah
Program4 Pc Inc. -

Your service is excellent and I will definitely purchase from you again if I need any components you have.

Daniel J. LeVin
Digitope Limited -
United Kingdom

Thanks so much for your help - as always. You are an absolute credit to the software component industry and it's refreshing to see your continuing efforts to improve the components (Active Sound Suite). I love working with them - I've done all sorts of things that I don't think I'd have otherwise done.

Gavin Lawrence

I originally bought the Audio Sound Recorder only. After working with this component for a little while, I bought the Editor, then the DJ components to meet my needs. Not that my original needs actually changed, but the power of this first component made me realize that I was now able to include a lot more features in my product than I originally thought possible or at least realistically feasible.

The samples included with each component are excessively well thought and their modularity make it very easy to grasp and implement each feature of the products. Documentation is very well written and organized.

Adding the second component, then the third to my code originally written for the Recorder was extremely easy and streamlined. Knowing one component makes the others look like they are extensions of that first component.

Finally, when I was stuck or unsure about something, MultiMedia Soft's technical support was stellar with answers which are well formulated, to the point, and excessively speedy, day or night (literally), week day or weekend.

Buying the Audio Sound Suite was the best $900 I have spent in a long time. Not only did I got solid components, I also got the full backup of a reliable and expert company. I am extremely pleased I selected MultiMedia Soft.

Hervé Chain
Omni Intercommunications, Inc. - Houston, Texas, USA

You are making some powerful software!
Your easy-to-use library (Audio Sound Recorder for .NET) allowed me to implement sound recording and playback into my application within just a few days.

Johannes Wallroth - Germany

I have been designing Websites in my spare time for many years and I have always found the most difficult aspect of Website design is getting buttons that look good with the each particular Website. In some cases I have even modified the colors of Websites to match available buttons. I am no artist, and creating my own buttons in Photoshop is out of the question. The 3D Button Visual Editor solves that problem and allows me to create whatever kind, size, shape, and color buttons I want. Thanks to 3D Button Visual
Editor I am sure my Websites will all look much better in the future and will take less time to create.

One excellent feature of 3D Button Visual Editor, not mentioned on the Website, is that you can use it to create blank buttons that can be used to create custom themes in Microsoft FrontPage. This means that you can let FrontPage put the needed text on the buttons and the navigation bar will be based on the structure of the site. This way, you can create a whole navigation bar by only creating one button in 3D Button Visual Editor.

Thanks again for an excellent program. I wish I had discovered it years ago.

Eddie Stevens
Cleveland Computer - USA

Have delivered the project incorporating your ActiveX Sound Suite to the client including the customizations you built for me. Client is delighted, as am I.
Will be purchasing the .NET suite in the near future. Best wishes and thanks for a superb job.
Your products and your support are world class, and I would recommend them to all.

Mark F. Goodspeed
Goospeed & Associates - USA

Many "bravos" on your product Active DJ Studio--it seems to be exactly what I\'m looking for.
Not only does the product have excellent features, it is well organized, and especially important is the superb documentation. I've worked with other ActiveX components that were fine in their function, but nearly impossible to figure out. I've wasted many, many hours on this sort of thing.
I set up the evaluation version of your product, followed your instructions in the documentation, and it played my selected audio file perfectly the first time--no debugging or experimenting needed!
I just wanted to say congratulations on such a fine product and on the completeness and organization of the documentation.

John Santana - USA

Compared to other companies we have development components from, your support is the best by far!

Daniel Maloney
Nirvana Systems, Inc. - USA

I decided to use AudioDJStudio.NET as the audio player component for FlexBridgeRadio (, and I never have regretted this decision. It's a very powerful control with a multitude of features and it works like a charm. Integrating it into my software was a matter of minutes. The icing on the cake is the outstanding support. Many thanks to all of you at MultiMedia Soft!

Volker Göx

I was so thankful to find a company that provided multimedia tools AND offered timely, helpful and patient responses to a new programmer. I would do business again with MultiMedia Soft in a moment, and look forward to the opportunities to use their software again. You can check out what I created with their tools at

Penny Haynes
Commercial Creation Center - USA

You all are fantastic. I think you have the best and most knowledgeable Tech Support group I have dealt with. You are consistently 5 Stars plus

David Yacko
ULTRASelect Software - USA

I just downloaded the trial-version of Audio DJ Studio for .NET, and I just have to tell you, that I think it's a great product
Until now I have used Windows Media Player for my project, but Audio DJ gives me so much more. It took me about 5 minutes to implement it in my code and further 5 minutes to get a VU-meter - great!

Erik Bay Madsen

I just wanted to say, that I really like your Audio Sound Recorder for .NET component. The component is highly recommendable and the documentation is amazing.

Alex Bernhard - Switzerland

Thank you for your prompt help. I look forward to purchasing your products in the future and recommending them to other programmers I meet in the field. Your support is as fantastic as your product. Thanks again

James Bisiar
Prism Incorporated - USA

As a veteran programmer I just wanted to say thank you for a job well done.
MultiMedia Soft does an excellent job of listening to and supporting their customers.

Again. Thank you for a job well done. I'm planning on taking advantage of your free advertising once our products using your controls are ready for release.

Scott Pristel
Pristel Computing- USA

Thank you, dear friends, so much. I look forward to showing my client their new, upgraded virtual control panel.

Working with 3D ACTIVE BUTTON MAGIC is so enjoyable, in fact, that I look forward to doing the same for other clients around the Silicon Valley.

I am having a GREAT time with 3D ACTIVE BUTTON MAGIC. My goal is a generalized user interface object that lets me rapidly and permanently adjust color, shapes, etc. for every client I have, to give them exactly what they want. 3D BUTTON MAGIC let's me do it!

Will I ever sleep?! No, 3DABM is too much fun!

Doug Bell
The Software Factory - USA

I've only used the activeX control (3D Active Button Magic) and 3D button visual editor for a couple of days - and already love it, the way to insert buttons directly to Frontpage was awesome.

My company has been on the IT-market since 1989 - and it is very seldom that I find a company to do business with that makes me as satisfied as MultiMedia Soft has.
Excellent products, at low prices and a very fast and accurate support.
MultiMedia Soft is definitely a company I recommend.

Richard Sanden
Formec Miljo AB
- Sweden

Thank you for your outstanding support with our issue. By the way: This control (Active MP3&WAV Player) is very nicely made and excellent. Easy to use, and works well. First class product!

Derek DiBenedetto

I thank you for your quick response and genuine customer service attitude.
You have turned a disgruntled user into a fan of your company!

Allan Gunneson

Many thanks for the quick reply. Your Customer support does indeed appear to be as good as the comments on your website. It's very rare to get a response so quick and 50% of a products value is in the support. Keep it up, it will keep you above the rest.

Craig Shorland
Demoweb Computers
- United Kingdom

I work with Visual C++ and I had enough to loose time with development of user interfaces. Indeed, I had to choose between a quickly developed but "poor looking" interface, or an enhanced but very more difficult to develop interface . With 3D Active Button Magic, I found the solution to my situation. I can easily design great buttons with picture or enhanced texts without loosing any time. It is fast, very easy to use and offers lots of possibilities.

Lionel Luque
- France

You provide excellent service.
Your product is far superior to the several others I've tried, and I will buy a licence and register it within the next few weeks.

Harry Stumpf

I think you have the best button control available anywhere, and I'm really happy to see you pushing forward to make it even better. I'm excited to help in any way that I can. And, you guys have been excellent to work with! Your support over the years has been second to none, and you have always made me feel that you are listening intently. Thank you for being so receptive, diligent, and friendly!

Dennis Leahy
7th Sense Multimedia

Both of the products I have purchased from you, the 3D Button API and the Active MP3 DJ Studio were excellent tools to work with.  The included help files made both products very straightforward to implement.  The buttons just made my application so much more attractive and the included equalizer capabilities of the MP3 component are one of the main reasons I chose it.

But as good as these products are, I believe the real strength of your organization is in your customer service.  Although I am in the U.S. and you are in Europe, I never had to wait more than just a few hours for an email response to an inquiry, even if it was just to say you were looking into the issue.  And you even provided patches to me when I was only using your trial versions! That's unheard of.

I would just like to say thanks one more time for your quality of product and customer service.  I would not have been able to finish my project the way I did without it!

Andy Schenck

An EXCELLENT product (Active MP3 & WAV Player).  I had been looking for quite some time for a good ActiveX control I could use in CSharp .NET to play my audiobook mp3 files.  The Java Media Framework works pretty well, but doesn't seem to handle large files very well.  DirectShow is too unreliable when it comes to mp3's.  Some files won't work with DirectShow, while others (made in the same way, using the same software, on the same day) simply refuse to work. 
Bravo!  You can expect my purchase to come through in a few days.

David Barron

You folks are great! Excellent support! I am glad I purchased Active MP3 DJ Studio for my development needs.

Justine Daubenmire cBoss
Community Network USA

The buttons (3D Active Button Magic) look absolutely fabulous on our electronic catalogue for automotive parts. Makes an enormous difference in appearance.

Mark Grahame
Smart@work Australia

By the way, I would like to compliment you on your product (3D Active Button Magic). It is very good, useful and well thought through.

Alex Bogdan
Alice Visual Trading Methods Inc. Canada

First of all, your product (3D Active Button Magic) is a great bargain. All of my bosses are very impressed. Thank you.

Michael Harris

I thought I would take this opportunity to let you know that we have been very pleased with your Active Button and, most especially, your company's technical support. As the president of my own company, I know that one tends to only hear about problems and wanted you know about the excellent support we have received. Grazie mille.

Keith Neerman
Touch Industries, Inc. USA

Excellent control! - it's just what I've been looking for to add some solid visual feedback to the users of our touch screen system.

Lee Hill
MRS Software UK

All is OK. This works perfectly. Perfect. Fantastic. I'm very pleased of the attention and support and the speed of your response. I've noted Castlemount Soft (now MultiMedia Soft) for future control needs in my agenda.

Manuel Cano Muņoz
Bull Luxembourg

Your button control has been really great. Thanks for all the info. Your tech support is A+! Take care...

Andreas Benamou
Veritas Software, CPG USA

Your 3D Active Button control work's very nice, I don't have any problems about it. Congratulations for your very nice/fast support.

Lisandro Pires Rocha
Nippon Computer Brasil

After spending time researching building our own button shape control for in house use, I was pleased with your control for many reasons and appreciated the work that went into providing the many options. Considering what has to be do done on the back end to get that functionality, it was well worth the money spent. The users were very pleased with the interface I designed for them using your control.

Dwight Redmon
Sauder Woodworking Co. USA

I've already contacted your support team and got a very impressive, fast and proactive response. So far I cannot see me creating a program without using your control. Thanks for the GREAT product!!!

Thomas Roberts
Imagine That USA

I have to comment on the great programming job done with the button control. Usually for this product price I would expect to see something slow and not very powerful. But today you have proven me wrong! Not only was the control quick and very powerful it was also very affordable. Congrats on a job well done!

Joshua Kass
Optix Digital Studios Inc. USA

Thank You for Your Ultra-quick reply to my Mail! With all what we have to take from this business, it's really a joy to have a support request answered, and, my goodness - this fast! It is guys like You that keep guys like me going on, thanks!

Juan-M. Galindo

I chose the 3D Active Button because it offered the most flexibility and had more features than any other in terms of tailoring it to the level and the "feel" of my program application.

Clarence J. Sasso

The new method that you have invented works very well. I'm very satisfied with your exciting customer service; it's really rare that support works that fast and that effective. Your software is indeed highly recommended! Thank you

Kaspar Althaus
ISC-Symposium CH

The control is excellent, I was going to contact your company to ask if the control could be disabled or enabled, but you have read my mind and I now have the property that I need. This control is well worth the money, as it has saved me a lot of time, I have already recommended it to my friends.

Dave Poleon
Handsworth College UK

I just downloaded your 3D Active Button OCX - very nice! It will be very useful for the VB5 projects I am developing. I will be registering it today!

Eric Schuyler
EBS Consulting USA

I must say - AWESOME. Great job on this control. I will probably be purchasing it in the future. After looking at other controls along the same lines, I was confused and frustrated with having to learn "scripting" or complex image prep techniques. Great job staying away from having to setup image maps. That was a pleasant surprise too.

Tyler Mitchell
Williams Lake, B.C. Canada

I purchased your 3D Active Button last week and am totally satisfied with your product. If you also make a toolbar ActiveX (which will also work with MS Access 97) and works as easily as does your buttons, please let me know so that I can purchase it.

Ronald Hudson
Pro%Cent, Inc USA

Great job guys. That worked perfect. Expect a registration in a couple days. Keep on making controls like this, They make my programs look like no other. Thanks

Steve Gruber
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