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About us

MultiMedia Soft was founded in March 2000 and our core competency is the development of multimedia-rich software components, mainly ActiveX controls and native .NET components, and applications for Microsoft Windows operating systems. Our goal is to give Visual software developers great new professional tools for their applications.

Our motto is;
"Obtain maximum results by leaving development effort on our shoulders"
This motto summarizes in a few words our vision about software development: we want our customers concentrate on their core business while we provide the solution for complex tasks requiring specific and specialistic knowledge about graphics and audio management. Developing our components at their current level required more than 10 years of hard work: for this reason we want our customers to avoid loosing time reinventing the wheel, always a huge loss of time and money, when the need is to develop features already available inside our components.

The Windows Graphics User Interface (GUI) brought DOS users a more intuitive way to work. We build on that original vision by adding an aesthetic touch to software functionality. Software components that look good and dynamically respond to the user make for software that is easier to learn and more fun to use.

As a second field of competency, we also develop custom software solutions for Windows CE using both embedded Visual C++ and .NET Compact Framework .

As you will see inside our Testimonials page, we pride ourselves on customer support that is second to none. When, for example, was the last time you heard a software company promise to respond to your support questions within 24 hours, even on weekends? That's what we do, because we want our support to match in every way the world-class quality of our products.



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