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Visual Studio 2022

Started by shauny6983, April 25, 2022, 12:38:42 PM

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Hello Support,

Haven't spoken in a while, but we have a new issue which I'm hoping you can resolve.

We have been using Visual Studio 2013 for nearly 10 years now and it's always worked perfectly with your button control. However, we would like to upgrade and switch to Visual Studio 2022 for various reasons, but keeping with the same .NET framework (v4). Now it does work in runtime, showing the buttons and running our project as normal, but we cannot view the form in design mode as it always crashes the whole Visual Studio application. I've tried making a brand new .NET v4 project, adding the Ctl3dpushbutton, and once I draw the control on the form, again it crashes and closes down.

We have version 3.2 of your .NET button magic, and I can see you go up to 3.3, but I'm concerned that this is a minor update, and most certainly won't include any fixes for Visual Studio 2022 as it wasn't even made before 3.3 was released.

Is there anything you can advise?


Hello Shaun,

we just tried with our latest version 3.3 of the component and Visual Studio 2022 version 17.1.5 and all seems to work as expected: forms of older projects seems to open at design time and we can add the button on a brand new Winforms application project based upon version 4.8 of the .NET framework: you may try to download the latest version of our component (we sent your credentials through private message) and to check if you have the latest available version of Visual Studio 2022 installed.

Hope this helps.

Severino Delaurenti


Thank you very much, the latest version 3.3 does indeed work.

Whilst I'm here, are there any plans for a version that supports the new .NET 5 or 6?
At the moment, it says the controls are not compatible with the designer.


Hello Shaun,

thanks for your feedback.

We are planning to port our .NET components to the newest .NET framework but we still have problems in understanding how they should be deployed on the developers PC: with version 4 and older of .NET framework it was quite easy, it was enough to register them inside the GAC and all was working flawlessly for the developer: with the versions of the framework the GAC is no more used so we still need to understand how the exe application could reference them.

Kind regards

Severino Delaurenti
MultiMedia Soft