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Author Topic: Video Picture is missing  (Read 344 times)


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Video Picture is missing
« on: June 14, 2020, 04:24:49 PM »


I referred this problem earlier.

CPU: Intel i5-825OU, 1.6HZ
Ram: 8 GB
System: Windows 10 Pro (64 Bit)
Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics 620
Codec : K-lite latest version.
Application is developed on Windows 7 and VS2010 and Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5

When i start video in my application the Video is missing.

This problem was sorted out by setting Hardware Codec in K-lite to D3D11 and was accepted.

But i came across a Laptop to install same application on Laptop with following configuration

CPU: Intel i5 M450 2.63 Hz
Ram: 8 GB
System: Windows 10 Pro (64 Bit)
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics (i5 Core)

I faced same problem and i tried to go to same setting of K-lite which i did in earlier case, i
found D3D11 hardware codec in the list but when i select it it was showing as Not Applicable.

What must be the issue ? Is this a compatibility issue of Intel Graphics with K-lite?
How do i enable this hardware codec. I installed DirectX11 drivers again but no success.

Can you guide me.




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Re: Video Picture is missing
« Reply #1 on: June 17, 2020, 08:32:02 PM »


sometime the issue is caused by an incompatibility between the output format of the LAV decoder and the driver so you may eventually try to play with available output formats as explained in the previous topic you mentioned:

If this shouldn't help, unfortunately we don't know what happens between K-Lite and the underlying video driver because our component's code doesn't go so low-level. You may try to ask this question inside the K-Lite forum:

Hope this helps

Kind regards

Severino Delaurenti
MultiMedia Soft