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Started by Ravindra, July 21, 2023, 02:37:28 PM

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I have put the Video window (Label) in one of the panel of Splitter Container. The label is Dock to Fill the entire area of the panel. When I start video it looks perfectly alright.
When I collapse all other panel except a video window panel to view a video in big size, i see that my label for
Video window is grown but the video size remain the same. It does not stretch itself to fit the label video window.
Can you suggest any solution so that Video will also become big and occupy full space?

I am attaching the images.
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the window hosting the video rendering isn't aware about the resizing of the container panel so it needs to be resized accordingly through the VideoPlayer.VideoWindowMove method.
An example of usage of this method can be found inside the VideoMultipleOutput and VideoPlayerAdvanced sample projects.

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