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VST questions

Started by cdub, August 20, 2022, 05:20:02 PM

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I'm trying to use Active Sound Editor to load a VST dll but VstLoad is returning 0, and there's nothing the documentation about this return value.

One thing that crossed my mind is that I believe this is a VST2 dll, is that supported?

Thanks again for your time.


Upon further review I believe the issue is that the VST is 64-bit.



64 bits VSTs are supported through the x64 version of our control but, as you may understand, the container application must be targeted specifically for x64 (or "Any CPU" for .NET) and this must be supported by the development environment and by the operating system: in case you should be using Visual Basic 6, which can only work in 32 bits, or if the Windows environment should be x86-based, this would not be supported.

With regards to the returned 0, this means that the VST failed to load and the error code should be stored inside the LastError property: it seems that the documentation is not appropriate in this case so it will need an update.

Kind Regards

Severino Delaurenti
MultiMedia Soft