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Author Topic: MP4_FRAME_PERFORMER frame fails to be saved using TagsEditor.MP4_TextFrameSet  (Read 373 times)


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Hi there,
i have a project (VBA, MS ACCESS PRO 2016) which i use to organize my music, including loading and saving metadata from FLAC (.flac) and ALAC (.m4a) encoded files and i have no issues with the FLACs.

Now, using TagsEditor.MP4_TextFrameSet to save the metadata into the ALAC (.m4a) files, everything goes smoothly until i have to save the Performer. Using the MP4_FRAME_PERFORMER code (İprf) does nothing (no errors nor anything is saved to the file).

To see better what happens, I have put together a little test db and i have loaded the metadata from an ALAC (.m4a) encoded files where i previously saved the Performer using Mp3tag v2.89a. I have used MP4_UniqueFramesCountGet and MP4_UniqueFramesIdGet to see what code corresponds to the Performer frame and I have found that the Performer frame is labeled as "---- performer" and not as "İprf".
So, no surprise that TagsEditor.MP4_TextFrameSet "MP4_FRAME_PERFORMER" does not work.

Any idea on how to run around this?



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in this case it's quite likely that Mp3Tags didn't use the "İprf" frame for saving the performer name: we have tried to write this frame into a test file and then read it using our component and it seems to recognize the frame without problems; do you have the possibility to upload the mentioned m4a file into our FTP server for evaluation?

ftp server:
password: GwDu{#u)&4z9

Once uploaded, please, send me a note so I will download it.

Kind regards

Severino Delaurenti
MultiMedia Soft
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