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Author Topic: How to play real media contents (.ra, .rm) with  (Read 4329 times)


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How to play real media contents (.ra, .rm) with
« on: January 14, 2015, 03:45:52 AM »

Hi, my first post so my apologies if I'm breaking some forum rules. :)
I'm exploring "Audio dj studio for .NET" and found it great and almost "all in one" utility. I'm Currently developing a media application on experimental bases in VB.NET 2008, Windows 7. I'm just curious about how to play .ra and .rm file formats? I've latest version of k_lite codec pack installed. VLC player, with its activex control, can play these formats fine but I want to go entirely with adjstudio. Can you guide me how can I manage to play these formats with adjstudio?
If adjstudio can't play these formats, then how can I communicate between vlc activex player and Audio dj studio for .NET to enjoy other functionality of adjstudio (if i use some other player component such as "axvlc.dll" and use its output for adjstudio EQ, VUmeter etc.).
I'm not an expert so please keep it simple to me.  :)
Thanks a lot for help and guideline.


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Re: How to play real media contents (.ra, .rm) with
« Reply #1 on: January 14, 2015, 10:12:31 AM »

thanks for your questions :-)

"Audio DJ Studio for .NET" doesn't come with native support for the .RM video format or for the .RA audio format but, if you have installed the latest k-lite codec pack, you can manage them through the interaction with DirectShow: by default these specific formats will be rendered through the "LAV Splitter" codec that splits audio and video tracks in order to manage them through the "LAV Audio" and "LAV Video" codecs respectively.

In order to be able playing these kind of files you will have to deal with them as you would do for any video format (supported by DirectShow) by leveraging features of the VideoPlayer class available inside "Audio DJ Studio for .NET". A good starting point would be taking a look into the "How to play video files through DirectShow" tutorial available inside the documentation:

As a further help, you should take a look into the "VideoPlayerSimple" and "VideoPlayerAdvanced" sample projects, available in both C# and VB.NET, installed by our setup package.

At the moment there is no communication bridge between our component and VLC.

Hope this helps

Kind regards

Severino Delaurenti
MultiMedia Soft


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Re: How to play real media contents (.ra, .rm) with
« Reply #2 on: January 17, 2015, 05:24:38 AM »

Hi Severino Delaurenti,
Thanks for your good reply.  :)
As the guideline you provided, I'll take a tour of the link and will try to manage it. As I mentioned that I'm not an expert but just a learner so it might be a little tough for me but it would be a great excercise to explore this area. Hope you'll help in the next comming issues. 
Bundle of thanks again.