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I need to send audio data being recorded to a ShoutCAST server while the recording session is still in progress: the Audio Sound Recorder for .NET doesn't give this possibility so I was wondering if there is a way I could use to reach my goal.


Is there a way to load only one channel of a stereo audio file with Audio DJ Studio for .NET ?
User interface components / Preloaded graphics
June 21, 2016, 11:51:16 AM
How do I load a graphic into a button from an existing picture object without having to save it to a file first?
It's faster and easier to manage preloaded graphics.
I'm using VB6.



can you tell me how to get the 3D buttons to blend into the background?  Right now the rectangular outline if you will of the button is showing white on my gray background.  My background is not solid though.

Kind regards

Good day,

we're developing a dialog based MFC application using Visual Studio 2010. When "3D Active Button Magic" ActiveX buttons are inserted inside the dialog, at run-time they seem to flicker in an annoying way: is there a way to avoid this?



does you Audio Sound Recorder for .NET component allow recording audio being played by other applications like Windows Media Player or iTunes?

Thanks in advance

I'm evaluating your Audio Waveform Analyzer for .NET control for one of our products. I'm pleased to say that the control meets all of our requirements but I would like to know if is it possible, during playback, to auto-scroll (panning) the waveform while it is zoomed in, just like the WaveformScroller does. Essentially, I want the panning feature of the WaveformScroller in the WaveformAnalyzer.