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How to use the component in your Winforms projects

How to port existing projects developed using version 1.0 or 2.0

How to port existing projects for compilation for .NET framework 4

How to speed up controls rendering

How to use Enumerations

How to manage 3D control templates

How to manage cells

How to change the control appearance

How to change the shape of my forms

How to create a custom shaped control

How to customize the 3D rendering of custom shaped controls

How to change control's colors

How to manage colors of Vista's Aero style

How to manage colors of Office 2003 style

How to manage colors of Office 2007 style

How to add text to the control

How to manage surface lighting

How to display bitmaps and animations

How to change control resources

How to manage alpha channel transparency

How to apply a texture to the control surface

How to create transparent Checkboxes and Radio Buttons

How to use the Progress Bar component

How to use the Split Button component

How to use Hyperlinks

How to know if a control has the input focus

How to play sounds with the control

How to change the cursor

How to create rollover effects like in Macromedia Flash

Other useful settings

How to perform custom graphic rendering over the control surface